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What is it like to start counselling?

Deep inside yourself you know that you could do with some help sorting yourself out. Maybe your doctor, friends, or family have said you need some counselling, maybe your boss has suggested should get some help.

However, where do you go, when, what will it be like, how often?

Taking that first step is most probably the bravest, most difficult decision you will ever have to make. You may have to be at absolute rock bottom before you reach out for help. Your difficulties may have been a part of your life for many years and you can’t imagine life could any different ….. but in your heart you know it needs to be.

So you have made the decision to go for it, where next?

How do you choose the right counsellor for you?

Maybe your GP will refer you for counselling, but there is a waiting list and you don't want to wait that long. Maybe the GP is offering a type of therapy you feel won’t be right for you. For most people the next step is either a friend’s recommendation or an Internet search. There are several reputable directories and professional bodies on the Internet where you can look at your leisure and decide who seems appropriate and qualified to assist you. Recommendation is always good, yet what suits one person may not always be right for another. So you have someone in mind.

Now for the first phone call.

What will they be like? What do I say? I don't want to embarrass myself and cry. Will they tell me I am making a fuss? Or will they tell me they cant help me? So many understandable fears On picking up that phone you will soon learn that your counsellor will understand how hard that is to make that call. They will ask a few basic questions, and will offer you an initial appointment.

What Next?

That appointment has been made. Maybe they have emailed you some more details. You are happy to go ahead, so now for that first session.

The drive, the walking up the path, all the time thinking is this right, perhaps I don't need it, maybe she/he won’t be there, maybe she/he has forgotten me, what if I cry, what if I do and I can’t stop.

You ring the doorbell, or the receptionist has said take a seat. The therapist greets you with a smile and takes you to her room.

You’ve made it.

This first session can be very different to subsequent sessions, as your counsellor will ask you questions, hoping to get a clearer picture of what brings you to counselling.

They will ask you if you have ever felt so desperate you would want to harm your self, what effect your troubles are having on your life and relationships? What have you done that has helped you with your difficulties so far?

Confidentiality will be discussed

You will start to sense if this person is someone you can talk to. Connecting with your counsellor is important.

From then on, every week, every session is yours………..

If you think I might be the right person for you call me now

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