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Important Self Care Tips - Try Just One A Day

Exercise, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

How important is it to get the basics right? If we sleep well then tiredness and the inevitable grumpiness the next day is unlikely to interfere with our chores and responsibilities. Its hard in the heat wave we are having isn't it to keep cool and sleep well. Fans, cool showers before bed, keeping the windows closed etc. But what if anxiety or worries are keeping you awake? Have you tried mindfulness practice, writing in a journal all your worries, try having designated worry time every day. Small things that may help.

Eating well, we all know what we should be eating, low fat, good carbs, our 5 a day ……. so it goes on. But its hard isn't it, the sun is hot, the BBQ beckons more sausages, burgers, wine and beer! The temptations to let good habits slip are huge. Tiredness means we crave high carb foods, alcohol with its empty calories slips down all too easily in the heat. We don't have the energy to cook and eat well. But it is so important to fuel our bodies well with good food and drinks. Treating our bodies well will mean it will repay us in dividends. Less groggy, and sluggish, more energy. One extra portion of fruit, jot down your glasses of water see if you are get enough. Small steps towards looking after yourself and putting yourself first.

Could you aim to make just one change today?

Next exercise!!! Wow I hear you say, not in this heat!!

I think I might just agree with you, but then just a small walk in the cool of the evening, if you are a morning person a walk round the block in the early cool fresh air is amazing. Walking lifts the mood, exercise raises the endorphins that lift depression. don't forget the swimming pool, gyms are air conditioned, give one small thing a try today.

Learn to Say No!

This is a tough one if you have always been a people pleaser, you fear not being liked if you say no, maybe your boss wont give you that raise if you don't finish that report so you stay late!

Other half expects a cooked dinner on the table as soon as he walks in, the kids are clammering for your attention. what happens to you? You become tired, resentful angry maybe, and unhappy. Try saying no once in a while, it works, it really does. Ive tried it, the world doesn't fall apart, people start to treat you with respect not treat you as a doormat. Try it just once, one small thing a day… see how it feels.

Build your support network.

How important it is to have support, family, friends, people you can turn to when you maybe feeling low, or lonely. But for some family and friends aren't enough, or available. Think about joining groups, gym, clubs, volunteering, on line gross are a fantastic, fairly anonymous source of support in difficult times. Reach out to someone today

Ask for Help.

Do you need help with some jobs round the house? Is work overwhelming for you? Are you caring for an ill or elderly relative all alone. Its not a sign of weakness to ask for practical help, if you don't ask you will never get itis my motto, sometimes practical help is not always there but at least you have tried.

But it isn't all about practical help is it? Sometimes we need to ask for emotional help, I can have a bad day and I am able to reach out to certain people who I know will listen, not judge and sometimes even come up with some great ideas. How hard is that for you to do? Try it just once today.

Talk, Talk,Talk.

If life is really getting you down, if all the above feels impossible, you can't see the wood for the trees, maybe you are experiencing burnout, stress and exhaustion. reach out and talk to someone. Get that one person who you can offload to. Find that person who will help you get it all back in perspective. A person who wont judge you, who wont tells you what to do, how to live your life. However they will help you see how you can make those changes to a happier life

Pick up that phone to me today!

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